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Wellness Orientation

If you are accepted as a patient with our office, you will be required to attend one Wellness Orientation. This is a one hour class that discusses health and wellness. This class is open to anyone interested in attending, not just our patients.


  • How to raise a healthy, drug free family.
  • The five essential components of health.
  • How to express your full health potential.
  • Scientific research that doesn’t make it into the media.
  • The truth about the pharmaceutical industry.
Wellness Care results in….
Better Sleep More mobility
Improved posture More energy
Clearer thinking More excitement in your life
Better metabolism A stronger immune system
Improved healing Living life to its full potential
Take the Stress Test

Have you taken the stress test? At our Wellness Orientation we hand out a Stress Test that reveals all the things you may be doing to sabotage your health. These are the things that will slow your progression toward health. If you have not taken the test, please do so…it will help you to help yourself.

Families committed to a life style of wellness care pass along healthy values and attitudes to their children.

Class Hours: Our Wellness class is held every first and third Tuesday at 6:30 pm and every second Tuesday at 11:00 am. Contact our office and Laurie will reserve your seat.

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