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Niskayuna Chiropractor, Dr. Diana Galish-Frasier

Niskayuna Chiropractor, Dr. Diana Galish-Frasier

Dr. Diana Galish-Frasier

“You’ll often hear me tell patients that not only did chiropractic save my life, it gave me one that allows me to help people to realize better health and well-being,” says Dr. Diana Galish-Frasier. “I’d suffered severe bouts of low back and radiating leg pain over the course of a few of my teenage years; my parents, who weren’t big pill pushers, finally carted me off to a number of medical doctors,” she remembers. These doctors were trained to treat symptoms, and that they did! She was prescribed a plethora of heavy-duty medications, from anti-inflammatory to muscle relaxant, yet they never touched her symptoms. She also experienced significant organic problems, gastrointestinally and gynecologically in addition to the constant, chronic back and leg pain. ” At one point (I think I was 15 years old) I remember thinking that there was no way I was going to live this way the rest of my life – I’d rather be dead, to escape the hell I was in and, in order that I not be such a burden to my family.” Eventually, an acquaintance of her parents asked why they hadn’t consulted a chiropractor yet. ” We’d never been exposed to chiropractic! We were taught that to treat or to mask symptoms as I’d been doing with medications, was very dangerous – symptoms are our body’s means of warning us that something isn’t right,” recalls Dr. Diana. Eventually, as she experienced chiropractic care, she got her health – and her life back! Patients often express surprise and sadness when Dr. Diana shares her personal health story. She tells them that she is grateful for having been through such an experience at such an early age for two reasons: it helps her to better understand what her patients are going through, and it helps her to be able to educate them that EVERYONE can benefit from chiropractic care, “from newborns to ninety-nine year old,” she says often.

How I Came to Choose Chiropractic as a Career

“I’d always wanted to be involved in athletics-a gym teacher, a coach, an athletic trainer….” remembers Dr. Diana. Whenever she was on break from her studies at the State University College at Cortland in NY, she’d inadvertently find herself visiting Doc Smith, her first chiropractor. “As I studied more and more of the sciences, specifically Anatomy and Physiology, I was beginning to realize that the human body is absolutely incredible! The more I learned, the more I wanted to learn!” She’d begun to seriously think about going to medical school, and during one of those visits with Doc Smith, shared this possibility with him. “Why would you ever think of doing such a thing? Medicine did absolutely nothing to help you when you were so sick!” he exclaimed. “You’ll save people’s lives and contribute to their health and well-being more by putting your hands on them than by wielding a prescription pad!” And, that she has, since June of 1987. ” I learned via my own experience with a significant lack of health at such a young age, the painful reality that pharmaceuticals interfere with normal cellular/physiologic function, and never contribute to one’s health. I lived and learned that treating symptoms and disease without addressing their underlying cause is nonsensical, and serves to suppress the body’s innate ability to heal and be well. I learned that I wanted to be the kind of doctor who would be able to coach people, not how to treat their symptoms and disease with drugs and/or surgery, but rather, how to make lifestyle choices that would contribute to their body’s ability to function optimally and be well.” Dr. Diana believes she was shown the opportunity for optimal health and well-being through her early exposure to chiropractic, and thus is convinced, “Chiropractic sort of chose me!”

After completing her pre-chiropractic studies (much the same coursework as pre-med), Dr. Diana was accepted at the Palmer College of Chiropractic, Davenport Iowa. Doc Smith strongly encouraged her to apply to Palmer, the world’s oldest and most respected chiropractic college; even though he didn’t attend, he told her that Palmer was THE place to get her chiropractic education. The chiropractic curriculum is much like that of medicine. The early years involve exactly the same classes that all physicians take including advanced anatomy, physiology, microbiology, public health diagnoses and others. While medical doctors branch off to study drugs and surgery, doctors of chiropractic learn about advanced neurophysiology (how the spine and nervous system affects body function), safe and effective spinal adjusting techniques, and other natural methods for improving health, such as nutrition. Dr. Diana graduated from Palmer in 1986, and with her sister, Laurie Galish, B.S., opened Niskayuna Life Chiropractic, in Niskayuna, N.Y., where they’ve served ever since. “A wonderful addition to our practice in 1998, was Dr. Catherine Falk, also a Palmer graduate,” says Dr. Diana. “The three of us are truly a team when it comes to our practice member’s health and well-being.”

My Practice Philosophy and Care Objectives

We’re living in a very stressful, unhealthy world. The current paradigm in health care is not really health care at all – it is sick care, and it is reactive. People typically only become consumers when their bodies are breaking down and expressing lack of health, or symptoms. Niskayuna Life Chiropractic is a wellness chiropractic facility, a place where people can come to be proactive with regard to their health and well-being; a place where you can come voluntarily, to maintain your good health, and be coached as to the best lifestyle choices in diet and exercise, for example, while having the very system that controls all the others in your body – your nervous system – monitored for your best opportunity to be as healthy as is possible! “Sure, we enjoy helping people with sore necks and backs, but the real joy and excitement in our office is watching people evolve, metamorphose, or achieve their optimal levels of health and full expression of life and vitality; only with healthy exercise and movement habits, wise food and nutrition choices, and a healthy functioning nervous system is this wonderful existence able to be realized,” explains Dr. Diana.

Dr. Diana and husband Cliff

Dr. Diana and husband Cliff

A Bit More About Me and My Family

Dr. Diana’s is a small family. She is blessed to have her parents (who have their spines checked every week), her sister (who has managed Niskayuna Life Chiropractic since their first day in practice), and her best friend and husband (who hand-delivered her acceptance to chiropractic school), all very supportive of and involved with having had Niskayuna Life Chiropractic grow to the loving and serving place it is today. “Though my grandparents might not have completely understood what their granddaughters were doing with this chiropractic thing, they too, were instrumental in having us be able to open our doors,” remembers Dr. Diana. “We couldn’t have done it without each of us working together, contributing individual strengths-kind of like one of my dad’s bands, choruses, or orchestras; beautiful music was created by each individual musician performing with the one next door to belt out a masterpiece.” Dr. Diana actually is part of a huge family, in two ways. She married the man she met when she was 15 years old, who is part of a huge family and many of whom are adjusted regularly. “Cliff’s mother and grandmother originally sewed gowns for the office, and we’ve taken care of aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews over the years. One niece recently shared that she thinks she’d like to become a chiropractor-how great is that?!” Her other large family is everyone with whom she is privileged to work every day at their office. She says that there is no greater honor than to have parents ask if she could check their baby’s spine.

As you might have been able to surmise, Dr. Diana is passionate about chiropractic and true health and well-being. She also loves her life on the farm with Cliff. When she isn’t at the office, she’s usually digging in the dirt somewhere, always interested in helping Mother Nature be able to be fully expressive (hmmm…there seems to be a theme here) – well, she tries anyway! “We enjoy time spent with family, dinners out with friends, and travel (especially to mountains and tropical beaches), but most of all we enjoy the beauty that surrounds us at home.” says Dr. Diana, “Between life at the office and life at home, we are always busy, and we love it!” Dr. Diana is also a perennial student. She’s always reading (not “Friction” as she refers to fiction) and is usually taking some continuing education course. She believes that keeping on top of the latest health concerns is paramount to delivering the best health care, “I’m always searching for ways to help people understand what it truly means to be healthy physically, physiologically and emotionally.” Dr. Diana does her best to practice what she preaches. She has her spine checked regularly in order that she functions and performs at her peak potential. As a friend and colleague says, “Just like working out, you get a certain, predictable result…you get a certain, predictable result from flossing and brushing your teeth, for example…regular chiropractic care gives me a certain, predictable result in my health.” Dr. Diana says she feels and functions best when she exercises, stretches, eats healthy food focused on fresh, whole food (organic when possible), gets proper rest, and takes ‘time to smell the roses’.

“Now that you know more about me, we’d love to learn about you! Please call or e-mail us. We look forward to working with you in order that you enjoy the best possibility for optimal health and vitality!

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