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Meet Niskayuna Chiropractor Dr. Catherine M. Falk

Photo of Chiropractor, Dr. Catherine M. Falk

Dr. Catherine M. Falk

I hated my job…I had to find something else to do!

Hi, I am Dr. Catherine M. Falk, better known at the office as Dr. Cathy. I grew up in Rome, NY with my mom, dad, four brothers and one sister. I attended the State University of NY @ Albany, and Albany Medical College graduating in 1987 with a BS degree in Medical Technology, after which I became ASCP certified in Medical Technology. I worked at Albany Medical Center Hospital for two years as a medical technologist, specializing in Special Diagnostic Hematology and Coagulation as well as Hematology/Oncology. I hated this job. I realized the people we were evaluating rarely got better. I felt as though what I was doing every day was worthless. I was not making a difference. Every week one or more of our patients was in the obituaries. I wanted to do more than just evaluate these sick people; I wanted to help them get better.

After talking to Dr. Dan Burgdorf, a Chiropractor in my home town, I realized Chiropractic was for me. He explained to me that Chiropractors work with the spine to improve messages sent from the brain, through the spinal cord and out to every organ, tissue and cell in the body. By improving the function of the Nervous System, the body receives proper messages and is able to function at its best. It also improves the body’s ability to heal. My response was, “why doesn’t everyone know about this. If they did, no one would need to take medication any more?!” I was thrilled. I had found a profession that was going to help sick people be well.

In 1989, I returned to school to become a chiropractor. I attended Palmer College of Chiropractic. When I first entered Chiropractic College, I had been coughing non-stop for approximately 3 months. The medical doctors, who had been caring for me when I worked at the hospital, just put me on stronger and stronger cough syrups. They were all ineffective for my cough. I was feeling cloudy headed, very weak and fatigued from these meds. Unlike the majority of Chiropractic students, I had never been adjusted before. So the first thing I did when I got to school was get a Chiropractic evaluation and my adjustments began. I was amazed when my cough improved, and was completely gone in two weeks. After a little more time under chiropractic care another amazing thing happened. The migraine headaches I had suffered with for the previous 4 years started improving. I remember one day in the middle of a severe migraine, I called my chiropractor. He adjusted me and within minutes the migraine faded into a mild headache. Today, I no longer have migraines. I had also suffered with various symptoms from my scoliosis such as back pain, wrist pain and weakness, severe menstrual cramps, etc. All started improving. I no longer suffer any of these problems as well. I was never treated for any of these conditions. I was adjusted to remove nerve interference and my body started functioning properly.

I graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic Magna Cum Laude in 1993 with a Doctor of Chiropractic Degree. I first began practice in Delmar in 1993. In 1994, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I left practice in 1995, unable to continue adjusting patients. I have since been on a journey toward health. At the present time, I do not take any medications for the RA. I have completely changed my diet, and I use a lot of anti-inflammatory natural supplements which allows me to function relatively pain free most days. In 1998, I joined Niskayuna Life Chiropractic. It was a perfect fit! I function as an examination doctor, and I do a great deal of patient education at the office. The Chiropractic care I have received over the years from Dr. Diana has been a big part of moving me toward health. Most recently, Dr. Diana has used Cranial Release Technique on me, which has significantly helped decrease pain, morning stiffness, and I’ve noticed some of my joints straightening. I’ve also had some very positive mental changes, and a return of my energy. Currently I live in Delmar, NY with my son, Joseph. Together we enjoy movies and the outdoors.

Enough about me! How can we help you with safe and natural chiropractic care? Give our office a call, or email us using the link below, so we can help you take your first step towards better health.

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